Monday, December 1, 2008

Yashar Update: All Rugged Up

I get Yashar all rugged up before going out now. The weather is starting to get cold! He has got used to wearing his little beanie now. He used to try to get it off the minute I put it on.

We are so lucky with our apartment because we have discovered that in Autumn and Winter the sun streams in our front windows in the morning, heating up our living room like a little glass house. Yashar likes to rest his head in the warm sun. I wanted to say that the sun, streaming in in the mornings, sparkling off the Bosphorus is glorious, just glorious - but really 'glorious' just sounds sooo uncool. So, you know, the sun is like, way cool... and stuff.


Senol said...

Hi Cutie!
You are my Tosun.

Daddy loves you alot

Simple Answer said...

Um. I like glorious. That is exactly how I feel about sunbeams! Maybe Yashar and I are part cat?

Anonymous said...

I love 'glorious' and it is such a gorgeous feeling when you wake up in winter and walk into a room in your home where the winter sun is streaming in. Yashar looks soooo cute and he looks like he is just loving the warmth of the sun on the mat and shining on him.