Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Present time!

I have noticed that lots of people are already getting into gear for Christmas - which is probably a good idea especially when I am trying to make things. My projects always, always end up taking me so much longer than I first thought. I started small - making a few little present ties to make the parcels I give extra special - kindly modelled here by Yashar's night light:) I got the idea from the ties on some little booties that Senol's mum made for Yashar. The shape reminds me of a flower from an Iznik tile pattern.

Thank you so much for the present ideas and for the kind comments about the illustration I did last week! We decided on what was sort of a combination of the ideas you gave: A set of blocks and a wooden long haul truck from Diamond Isle Treasures. I think Yashar is going to have lots of fun with these. I can't wait until they arrive!

*For all the cool crocheters out there - this is the pattern: Ch3, slip stitch into first chain to make a circle. For first petal: Ch3. Working into circle 2tr. Ch3. Slip stitch into circle. Repeat petal two more times. (First flower is complete). Chain as long as you want the tie to be (I did about 35 stitches). Repeat as per first flower. If you like you can then slip stitch back along chain to create a thicker tie (this is what I did). Hope this makes sense!


Simple Answer said...

Lucky ducks getting presents tied with such beauty!

Those gifts are such classics. And building with blocks was one of those activities I loved to do with the girlies. Everyone was entertained!

Bevin said...

What beautiful gifts. Love the crochet flower ties. Since I don't crochet I will have to learn fast or figure out how to knit these up!

Anonymous said...

and get some more of yashar and you.