Thursday, October 9, 2008

Knock knock

I have been getting into a bit of drawing and illustration type artwork lately. I have really been wanting to create a sort of moment in time. An illustration that has a little story to it I guess, or that is part of a story.

This is the process I went through for the one I just finished.

An idea, sketched in the back of my Wallpaper City Guide for Stockholm (if I haven't said it already - and I think I have - I love these guides!)

A stuff up... (I started to outline the boy's face in ink but it went all blotchy so I ended up outlining in pencil instead and I wasn't that in to the owl either)


I would have liked to have put more outline detail on the owl but I painted too thickly there :( And I really want to work on my colour more too. Anyway, this one is finished and I am happy about that! And man it is hard to take photos that show what these really look like (more stuff to learn!). It half makes me want to colour these digitally. The detail shots probably give you the closest idea of the real thing.


Bevin said...

Wow, so talented are you. Have you thought about writing/illustrating a kiddo book???

renai said...

Verity, so impressive! Such detail and skill. I agree with Bevin, have you considered illustrating a childrens book? These drawings would be perfect.

Verity said...

Blushing! Thanks guys! It would be so much fun to do something like that.

Anonymous said...

Verity, your illustration is simply gorgeous and has such a great feel to it. I would love if you had enough time to make your niece and nephew one for Christmas. They would be such lovely pieces to treasure and to talk to them about you :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Verity - the drawings are sooooo good. You have such a great talent - you must get a great deal of pleasure in completing these drawings and I have no doubt that if you choose to you could have a very rosy career ahead of you!!

Sena Ozturk said...

This is my favorite! :)
I had a change to see it's orginal drawing,and it was really beautiful.Looking forward to see new ones.. :)