Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Chappy (Yashar update)

Yashar is definitely a happy chappy. Full of smiles and laughs. His newest little habits include trying to pick up my eyelashes with his newly developed pincer grip (ow!), wanting cuddles (aww!) and trying to stick his finger in my mouth (eew!).
It's not too long until his first birthday now, looking at these photos, I'm thinking pirate theme.I really wanted to get him something handmade for his birthday and have been scouring Etsy the past few nights, but am having trouble finding anything fabulous. Sometimes it's hard to find the really good stuff on that site - I feel like there are great things there - I just can't find them. Any ideas?


renai said...

hi verity, my nephews love trucks and things that go. i saw this on etsy and reckon they are good for any little boy. they have other cute handmade toys too! Good luck!

Anonymous said... have etsy take 5 tuesdays every week showcasing designers and their work. Holly for decor8 always finds really nice stuff. Good luck searching!

Anonymous said...

Here is another listing you might like. These are building blocks and are good practise for stacking and even more fun to knock them over. Riley still loves blocks & Ruby at 8 months loves the cause and effect of knocking them over.

Or for quieter play what about finger puppets although he will find it harder to do independent play with them.

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos of Yashar, I wish I was there to squeeze and cuddle him. He is looking such a happy and healthy little boy. Well done!
From a No 1 fan.xx

Bevin said...

What a cutie! A pirate theme would be such fun. Happy planning.