Saturday, October 4, 2008

Midnight puppy rescue!

This post was meant to be all about the fancy schmancy scarf I made, but then I went and SAVED A PUPPY!!!! Oh my goodness it was so cute!

Last night I woke up to the sound of little squawky puppy yelps. We had seen a mother dog walking down the street with lots of puppies chasing after her earlier in the evening. The yelping kept on going for a while so I put on my big winter coat over my pjs and, using my camera display as a torch, I went to investigate. Eventually I followed the sound to a neighbour's front garden. I ventured in (hoping there wasn't going to be a big mama dog ready to bite me!) and found the pale little puppy stuck in a tall bucket of water. The poor little thing was all wet and cold and pitiful. So I pulled him out to dry ground and off he pattered home. What a nice feeling - I was so excited to have rescued him I couldn't get back to sleep!

Anyway, back to the scarf...since it took me so freaking long to make it still deserves a mention. I managed to get it finished just in time for our trip to Sweden (and I was so glad I did -I needed it!). And yes(!) it is crocheted. I mentioned a while back that I wanted to learn to crochet and I even put it on my 28 things to do before I turn 29.

And now I have done it.

Well actually I just learnt the two stitches required to make this but I'm counting that as learning to crochet achieved. Tick! It was pretty slow going, although I did get faster and the stitches got looser as I went along. And it was very repetitive, I just wanted to get that darn thing done! I was like a crocheting machine! Any car trip we went on (and there were quite a few lately) I braved the possibility of looking totally uncool and slightly crazy and madly crocheted as fast as I possibly could.

For some reason I think that crocheting is safe to do in the car but that knitting is not. I guess the crochet hook is not all pointy and long like knitting needles, but I'm really not so sure. Airbag, crochet hook, Istanbul traffic...I really don't know if they are the best combination.

I'm so glad that I decided to do a test run on a scarf before attempting the blanket from Vintage Crochet...hmm let's just say that a blanket will not be getting done any time soon (read as I would be totally insane to attempt that). But if you have more patience than me the blanket is still gorgeous - especially the version Alicia Paulson did which I love. So go ahead and get blanket crazy - and then you will have something around any puppies that need rescuing!

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