Thursday, June 19, 2008

28 things to do before I turn 29

So, quite a while ago I read a post by Andrea over at Hula Seventy called '37 things to do before I turn 38'. I thought that was a great idea - I love lists, I want to get all the things done that I mean to do and would love to do but never actually get around to doing...this is totally what I need! 5 months later and my point is proven -I need that list! (ok so I actually wrote the list back in April just after my birthday, but have only now got around to posting it - hope that is not cheating)

Here are my 28 things to do before I turn 29 in no particular order:

1. Go swimming with Yashar

2. Read 3 novels

3. Get up earlier

4. Get photos of Yashar printed and organise them in an album

5. Improve my Turkish to 'advanced' level

6. Draw a picture for Yashar's room

7. Generate some income -how? That I do not know!

8. Take photos of strangers - this is a hard one -see the 22 April post on Hula Seventy

9. Buy a sewing machine (and actually use it)

10. Take 5 pictures I love

11. Buy some vintage fabric

12. Sell one thing I have made

13. Get to know at least 10 new people in my area

14. Find other Mums to meet up with

15. Make a gorgeous room for Yashar

16. Knit a scarf

17. Have a romantic dinner with Senol

18. Buy handmade

19. Learn to crochet (see my earlier post about this - it is cool to crochet -believe me!)

20. Paint a picture

21. Go to Trilye

22. Get one of my photos printed 'ginormous size' for our bedroom

23. Write letters (not just emails!) to friends and family

24. Cook 4 things from Greg and Lucy Malouf's gorgeous book Turquoise

25. Paint a chair

26. Plant some herbs

27. Go to Topkapi palace (again)

28. Make the Christmas presents for my family (sorry to my family but that's what you are getting!)

...and what does this have to do with tomatoes and lettuce? Nothing, it's just dinner.


Mar said...

You take really amazing pictures

andrea said...

yes! stellar list, my friend. you're off to a fantastic start. half the battle is writing them all down. :)