Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yogurt fresh from the farm

Some of the fresh produce available here is delicious! We are particularly lucky here in Yenikoy because at our local market (pazar) there is a guy selling lots of yummy cheeses, sucuk (garlic sausage/salami type thing) and cured meats. He also sells this yoghurt we decided to try. It is water buffalo yoghurt! It comes in a beautiful terracotta pot which is a bonus. I might even get around to buying a plant to put in it once we finish to put on the windowsill in the kitchen.

The flavour was gorgeous! How to describe it? Hmmm...thick, full bodied, home made, even a little bit of a cheese flavour to it. We had ours with Yesil Fasulye, but I could easily imagine having it with a cheese plate - Camemberts, quince paste, fresh peaches and freshly toasted bread pieces rubbed with garlic. Mmmm, I wish I was having that right now!

*Ooh, I forgot to mention my yoghurt hot tip...the cheese/yoghurt guy said that you should always use a wooden spoon, never metal, to stop the yoghurt from getting watery *

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Chris Worthy said...

Looks terrific! Your blog is lovely. Best wishes!