Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The prettiest girl at the circus

Yashar is looking very spunky in his overalls and cute new pink T. So I guess the pink t-shirt does not help to abate all the comments that he looks like a beautiful little girl! But those comments always put a smile on my face anyway because they remind me of a story my Dad tells that my sister Emily and I always loved. It goes something like this...

When he was little he went to the circus with his parents. They had him dressed up very nicely in a little white bonnet. The ringmaster bellowed to the audience that the white pony prancing around the ring would stop and bow its head in front of the prettiest girl. The pony slowly made its way around the ring, then brayed and lowered its head in front of the cute little baby in the white bonnet - my Dad - the prettiest girl at the circus!

Is that how the story goes Dad? That's how I remember it anyway.

...Oh, and that's me holding Yashar.

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Anonymous said...

Oh he does look so pretty in his pink tee! I forwarded the story on to the prettiest girl at the circus for confirmation - lol