Monday, June 30, 2008

Where did I go? What did I do?

The towels were folded, new sheets on the beds, the fridge stocked. Our first guests were about to arrive! Of course, we made a last minute trip to Ikea for the essentials, rushing along the long pathways, me with the pusher, Senol with a trolley, making snap decisions at 9.59pm before racing to the registers before the store shut. Poor Senol ended up with 'Ikea hand' the next day - so many blisters from putting everything together. My sister, her partner and their 3 gorgeous children made the long journey to Turkey to see us and we were so excited!

So that is why I haven't been around here for a while (sorry about the late notice). We had such a wonderful time and I was so sad to see them go and to realise that I am alone (well not alone, but, you know, sort of alone without family and old friends) here again.

The visit was fantastic. It was so good to relax and have some fun with them all and it left me feeling reinvigorated and motivated. I feel so lucky to have a baby with a generally peaceful nature and go with the flow attitude, but also felt all consumed (and just plain tired) by the constant and unrelenting care, the need to protect him from everything, the crying and the sleepless nights. My sister and her partner do an amazing job with the kids and they are all such individual characters with wonderful natures and so much fun to be around! It made me realise that they grow up (!) and do become so much more independent. That life does continue!

I also saw that it can be a great experience to have more than one child. Up until now I couldn't imagine having another baby. It all seemed so exhausting. That feeling has now changed (no plans for more kids in the near future though!!).

I have lots of photos to go through and will show you some of the things we got up to over the next few days. Turkey is so full of treasures to be discovered!

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