Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little red jewels

So many of the plants here are amazing! They must love the climate or the soil or something. I think I mentioned before that this whole area was covered in quince trees, until the 1960's when most of the people who live here now built their homes. Now there are climbing roses three storeys high and trees so heavy with sour green plums that they should just collapse on the ground from sheer exhaustion!

But what is really tempting me at the moment is the cherries! Hanging off the trees like little jewels, cherry trees are everywhere here! This is the tree in our front garden. The cherries are not quite ripe yet, but there's the promise of delicious things to come.

Instead we buy them from our local Friday market at the moment. So so cheap, about 2YTL a kilo (that's close enough to $2). It's no wonder you can buy cherry juice everywhere here. What a luxury.

And what better to go with cherries...

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