Friday, April 25, 2008

It is my duty to shop!

Great news! Senol (my husband) accepted a job offer and that meant we got to sign up to rent the apartment we wanted! I am both excited and relieved! The apartment is a bit old but has gorgeous views of the Bosphorus. It is in an area called Yenikoy, a beautiful green part of Istanbul that I am looking forward to getting to know better. We had a good chat with the owners of the building. When they first moved there, about 40 years ago, the whole area was just full of quince trees. Now the area is part of busy Istanbul, but it still has a little village atmosphere I think.

So, since we have just moved to Istanbul from Australia we will need to get everything for the apartment - woohoo - it is now my duty to shop! So I scoured the internet for some inspiration. I was thinking Danish design, some cool second hand/collected things, timber, handmade, not too over done and not like a store catalogue -and I couldn't find anything like that -until I found Emma's Blogg. It is fantastic! So much inspiration in the one spot! All of the photos in the post were found on her blog (wish they were mine!)
Now I just have to find stuff even half as cool! Tried to find some second hand/collected type things today, but no luck so far. It seems that buying second hand just isn't the thing to do here. Usually when I ask someone if they know a good flea market in Istanbul (in Turkish 'Bit Pazar') they look slightly incredulous and don't really understand why I would be interested when I could buy new things. I think there must be good stuff somewhere in Istanbul, I just have to find it! I will find super cool second hand goods even if it kills me!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures look great! What a good find! Can't wait to see the stuff you get for the new apartment.


Anonymous said...

Very exciting that your husband has started at a new job and that you have found an apartment. I love the tree on the wall - you seem very artistic go for it on the apartment wall or on a large canvas of some sort -perhaps a quince tree. Your advice on a natural fibre for a baby outfit - would bamboo cotton be soft enough.
Keep up the good work.

Verity said...

Thank you for your kind comments! And to answer your question, I think a bamboo cotton mix (or 100% bamboo) would be perfect for a baby outfit. It is beautiful, soft and silky. I have also heard it doesn't irritate a baby's skin the way wool sometimes can.