Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here comes the sun...

Today the sun was finally shining through again - it was gorgeous! So what did I finally get around to doing? Knitting something warm and wintery!

I started this cute little cardigan just after I finished up at work before my little baby boy Yashar was born. I never got to finish it because he arrived a couple of weeks earlier than expected! Then there were the sleepless nights (still happening), packing up our apartment, moving to Turkey etc etc that took up my time! So I am finally getting it done just as the weather warms up! The pattern is from this very cute little pattern book from Cleckheaton (book no 951).

The picture to the right shows how it will look when it's finished (I hope! - this is a picture from the book) It is so cute!! All of the patterns in this book are beautiful.

I also knitted this little beenie from the book and we love it! You can also see the gorgeous little jacket my Mum knitted for Yashar (thank you!)

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Kup,Kup Land said...

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Yashar is so sweet and cute!!!