Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Smooooth Operator

We went over to the European side today (we are living on the Asian side of Istanbul at the moment) to Taksim and I checked out some of my favourite shops on Istikal Caddesi (Independence Avenue). Shopping! Yay!

Istikal Avenue is dripping with history and has some gorgeous architecture. During the time of the Ottoman Empire it was the place for Ottoman intellectuals to hang out and was called Grande Rue de Pera. Today it's a place for protests, shopping and eating! This is the heart of Istanbul and is definitely part of the Istanbul I love!

I also managed to get a half decent coffee (well it wasn't instant) and a Kiwi smoothie which looked delicious but was super sweet. It wasn't actually what I think of when I think of smoothies - I think real fruit, this was soft serve ice cream with artificial flavouring. So I'm thinking...juice bars...that's an idea that could work...maybe.

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