Sunday, March 16, 2008

Treasure found!

You know those days...when you wake up early, the sun is shining and you are ready to get things happening. Today was like that.

I started to unpick some of the stitches (oops!) from the toy bag that I have been making for my little baby boy. I love these fabrics! I will show you more once the bag is finished. I have been sewing interfacing between the two pieces of fabric for this bag to make it a little sturdier -is that what you do?

We even got into some spring cleaning today. At the moment we are living at my mother in law's house (gasp! I know! But she has been great and it is very handy until we get ourselves set up here in Istanbul). Anyway we were cleaning out this little shed type thing when I heard the question "shall we throw this old sewing machine in the rubbish?" My ears pricked up! I quickly ran over to have a look...

and it was gorgeous! And definitely in need of some tender loving care. A project! I love it! And it would be perfect for my dream studio... hmm any ideas about how to get rid of the rust?

My mother in law remembers buying this around the time that my husband was born. Sewing clothes for him when he was little. So I asked her ever so sweetly, well as sweetly as I could in broken Turkish, "instead of throwing it in the rubbish, would it be ok if I had it?" "Yes?" Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! Good luck with starting your blog. That machine look fantastic! I look forward to seeing it restored. I wish I could find something like that.