Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Interview with

I am excited to say that the crew over at recently came across my blog and asked if they could interview me for their website. The site is run by Victor Volder, who lives in the Netherlands and Lizza Capucion, a freelance writer who lives in the Philippines.

They interview expats and are particularly interested in "what motivated people to live in another part of the world, how they generate their income, how they manage to live there, and what they’ve learned from their experiences in a land that's become their new home."

To check out the interview, including some of my thoughts and tips on moving to Turkey, click here!

And a big thank you to Victor and Lizza.

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Paroshep said...

Hi Verity,
I read your interview, but for some reason could not comment there.
Thanks for sharing. I hope to get to Istanbul this winter so I appreciate your information.