Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Table TLC

Here it seems that if you see something old that you like you have to jump in and get it as soon as possible! Senol saw some gorgeous old chairs a few days ago in a nearby front yard and wanted to ask the owner if they would sell them. But he was too slow! A few days later they had been put in the rubbish and taken away.

So when we spied this table in the old shed at the back of our apartments we pounced. The landlord was happy to give it to us.

It took some major cleaning, getting rid of spiders (luckily no scorpions!) and washing off years (probably decades) of dust.

I love it! I think it could fit right in some of the photos I posted when I was searching for apartment furniture inspiration. I just had a look at the photos from that post and it so similar to the blue table -I hadn't even realised! I was going to use it for a sewing table, but I am loving the top too much to cover up with all that junk.

So instead it now looks like this:

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