Monday, September 29, 2008

One of the locals we met while in Sweden said that 'this is Stockholm at its best'. And it was beautiful while we there. Although it was very cold in the mornings and evenings, we had some beautiful days. The sun was shining and the leaves were starting to turn golden. Stockholm is fairly peaceful and we spent a lot of time at Djurgarden, a gorgeous tranquil island with woods, gardens and museums.

One day we stumbled into the Nordiska Museet, which I really enjoyed. It wasn't a 'wow, you have to go there' type place, but it had a lot of exhibits that were just the sort of thing I liked. They had a exhibition on shoes (what's not to love about that!), Swedish homes, Swedish interiors (a history of Swedish interior design), a gorgeous dolls houses exhibit and another with amazing examples of folk art - all that work done by hand that is really worth the description 'art'.

The carved wooden sculptures exhibit was inspiring. This is a huge wooden sculpture of King Gustav Vasa -the first king of a united Sweden. So many of the characters and creatures looked like they were just waiting to be in a children's story. A story with snow and forests, bears and mittens and warm cocoa by the fire.

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