Sunday, October 26, 2008

Access denied

I feel like Mark (Christian Slater) in Pump up the Volume running a pirate radio station - Blogger, (the site I use to publish this blog) has been banned in Turkey. When you try to access the site here or any of the blogs hosted by Blogger a notice comes up saying that access has been blocked. I'm thinking about swapping to a different blog host, but until then I have connections, ways and means - so here I am bringing you a controversial post about handknits Pump up the Volume style:

I bought this yarn and linen a few weeks ago to knit a scarf for Senol. I was aiming for a cosy scarf that said "I am a man, and I am man enought to wear a cool handknit scarf."

But now that I am knitting it up I think that I might be borrowing it too. I'm not sure what I will be doing with the linen yet - I'm thinking Christmas ornaments - but we will see if that eventuates.

Knitting is very popular here and I was hoping to find some gorgeous natural yarns. So far though I have been pretty disappointed - acrylics make up about 90% of the stock at the places I've been to. And the quality of the natural yarns I've seen so far hasn't been great. So if anyone has any ideas of where I can get some beautiful yarn please leave a comment!

I'm thinking I might need to head to a nearby koy (village) to source some...haha, lets see if I can talk Senol into that one!


Simple Answer said...

You rebel! I'm sure your knitting blog is causing harm to many! Cease!

What is up with that?

Bevin said...

Why the ban of Blogger? Good for you!