Monday, October 6, 2008

And a little more from Sweden

Just wanted to post one last thing about the trip to post...well actually I just wanted to show you a few of the cute little things we picked up in Sweden.

We went all out on the souvenirs ;) This is a packet of crisp bread - love the packaging and we discovered Yashar loves chewing on it. And then there are the tins of 'Makrill'...which lucky brother in law will be getting those in their Christmas stocking?? (hehehe).

And a cute little wooden helicopter for Yashar of course.


Simple Answer said...

That is great packaging! I definitley have not been good enough to warrant Makrill. Feel free to skip my stocking!

Anonymous said...

Like wise for your Adelaide born brother-in-law. Although I'm sure your nephew would happily eat them he would probably prefer a helicopter.

renai said...

Great items and love the packaging! The helicopter is so sweet.