Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There doesn't seem to be any tradition of card giving here in Turkey. In fact, the whole time I have been here I have not seen a single card given, received or for sale. So I was so so happy when Keryn sent me over some of the gorgeous cards from her business gryb at home. They are made using Japanese fabrics and are just so pretty! Thank you!

Keryn's blog is also a favourite of mine, with beautiful photos and great finds.

And while we are on cards and great finds, here are some of my favourite cards for the upcoming big L day (although I am more into year round loving!!)

2 from Sweetbeets

Octo love from Pearl & Marmalade

Valentine Invader by Anemone Letter Press


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome V, letterpress cards are my favourites too, so clean, simple and beautiful!

Simple Answer said...

These are beautiful! I'm also always on the hunt for cards - none here either.

kate said...

hey Verity - around the back of Sultanahmet there is a quarter which sells loads of lovely cards and stationary unique to turkey

If you are ever about I can show you