Monday, July 7, 2008

A liquid lunch

Ok, so I have talked about smoothies before and, you know, it is such an important and potentially life changing topic that I thought it was important for me to discuss this issue again.

I saw this post over at Soule Mama about strawberry smoothies so quickly rang Senol to tell him to get some ice cream on his way home. We already had a huge punnet of raspberries so I thought 'perfect - this could be lunch!'

I like my smoothies super thick so for these I used about a cup of ice cream, a cup of raspberries and a teaspoon of honey, blended them and then I put a few more raspberries on top.

Man they were good, sitting out on the balcony, eating them (they were very thick - so guess more like a dessert than a smoothie), feet in the sun, head under the umbrella. What could be better? ...well...maybe a little vodka could be added to the mix.


suzanne b. said...

I've just spent several very pleasant minutes looking at your blog. It's lovely, and so interesting! I will return. :)

Simple Answer said...

We love smoothies in our house! And that actually reminds me I need to get a new blender before the movers come next week. I'm adding it to our list now!

Jayne said...

Hey Vez, your photos look great!

You will have to teach me how to take good photos when I am visiting. I still haven't solved my camera dilemma but hope to buy one soon.

mugmug said...

seems s delicious, pls make some and bring us to the office or let us meet in istinye park with lovely boy ,yashar :)