Thursday, November 6, 2008

Parenting Books

This book - Baby Love by Robin Barker - has been my guide for the past year. I read it and reread it constantly. My sister gave it to me after finding her own copy so useful. Particularly being here in Turkey, far away from my family and friends' support and guidance, it really was my source of advice and information that I felt I could really trust. I liked its approach - relaxed and realistic - and also how comprehensive it was. My sister-in-law would often ask me questions just before rushing to the doctor and the book always seemed to have the answer and saved her many unnecessary trips. Saying 'my book says...' became a running joke between us.

Before coming here I had romanticised ideas about what looking after babies and bringing up children would be like here. I thought that because of the strong family focus here, having babies and parenting would be more natural and easier, with good experience and knowledge being passed down from generation to generation. This has not always been my reality here though. For example there is a startlingly high rate of cesareans here (according to this article around 39% which is double the maximum rate recommended by the World Health Organisation - in some private hospitals the rate is as high as 95%!) and many doctors are notorious for their over prescription of medicines. Old wives tales also abound. Apart from that, my own ideas about parenting have meant that I need other sources of guidance. Plus I just love books!

Now Yashar is almost one year old and I have found myself rereading the last section (9 - 12 months) of Baby Love and wondering where to next? I have copies of Raising Boys (a book recommended by my cousin who has three boys) and The Creative Family by Amanda Soule on their way. But I need more! I guess I am fairly relaxed in my parenting and don't enjoy being preached to or a one-fits-all approach.

Do you have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I have both raising boys and creative family, they are great books. Its true about the realities of parenting, it has all been so much harder than what I thought it would be! My sons go to a Montessori school and I have found alot of books on this subject have been really helpful in showing me alternative ways of parenting. They would be a great read even if you don't intend to go to a Montessori school. They are: "How to raise and amazing child, the Montessori way" by Tim Seldin and "Teach me to do it for myself" Maja Pitamic. Both can be found on amazon, with reviews. Hope this may be of some help to you!

Anonymous said...

I'm currently using Kaz Cooke's "Kid Wrangling". It's the follow up book to "Up The Duff" book without the heroine "Hermoine" but with a lot of the humour. It covers the toddler-preschool years. You are welcome to have a look at my copy while you're here to see if you like it. xx