Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some things I am loving at the moment

My glasses! After wearing my contact lens way too much I decided to give my eyes a rest and dug out my glasses. Bordering on nerdy, the rims of these are pretty prominent and the arms are nice and thick. I forgot how much I liked them! And now I can pretend I am super intelligent!

And this book looks sooo good! It is bills open kitchen- bought by my sisters for Senol's birthday last weekend. I love the glowing fading light on the cover and my favourite photo inside is this one (sorry about my crappy photo of this gorgeous photo - it looks a hundred times better in real life):

I love how he writes about the relationship between food and family. He writes "I want my family to grow up with good memories around food. A freshly brewed cup of tea with a slice of cake still warm from the oven or a tart made from freshly picked apricots will become part of a happy memory..." I want that too! I have some very happy memories of making cupcakes with my mum. I am so looking forward to when Yashar is old enough that we can bake yummy memories together.


Tanya said...

I read your blog so I KNOW you ARE super intelligent :)

Anonymous said...

I have such happy memories of the very happy helpers and the delighted little faces when the cup cakes were ready to ice and then eat!!!
Mum xx

Alexis said...

Oh, I have to get that cookbook now! That picture is so tempting!

Simple Answer said...

Have you seen stranger than fiction? there is a scene in there where she talks about love of baking and dunking cookies after school that I love.

renai said...

Funny what you say about the glasses. The other day I was struggling at the computer so I pulled out the old glasses and guess what, I could see! Bill's kitchen is great! They make the recipes from the book at the restaurant- I love the corn fritters!