Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And she's back!

Wow, that took longer than I thought. We have been busy moving, buying new things for the apartment and generally getting settled... and I have been totally mesmerised by the views. I often look out and can't believe I'm living here!

There is, however, a price to pay for these views. Let's just say that we now have no need to go to the gym. Poor Senol went up and down these stairs so many times with our things that he has already lost weight! (conveniently Yashar always needed looking after at exactly those moments)

It's pretty steep around here. No gentle strolls allowed. But still I love it! The area where we are is so close to Senol's work but has a little village feel. The neighbours are friendly and the kids play soccer every evening on the street. Vegetable sellers make their way up the hills every day yelling out 'green beans! tomatoes!' as old ladies emerge from their gardens to buy something for dinner. Plus soon I will have a very toned up husband!

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