Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Manyak misin?!!!!

If you have ever been to Istanbul you will know that sometimes the traffic can be pretty crazy here. My favourite Turkish phrase at the moment is 'Manyak misin?!!!' that is 'Are you a maniac?!!!' I have managed to drive a few times here now (of course with Senol directing me every step of the way). The first couple of times were surprisingly easy. No near misses, no incensed drivers bashing their horns.

The most recent time was a little more stressful! Lots more traffic, cars darting in and out in front of me, narrow streets winding up steep hillsides with Audis and Mercedes parked on one side and sheer drops to the other. Let's just say that it ended with @#$@!! and me throwing the car keys at Senol! Hehehe - very retrospect.

So this morning we decided to take a more leisurely form of transport and caught the ferry from Yenikoy to Eminonu. It was very early in the morning and was gorgeous and refreshing.

The visit to the Police Headquarters for my temporary residency was not quite as relaxing. It's a funny old place. All the Turkish police women are gorgeous, you have to line up early for a number and then wait around for hours in crowded hallways while the Police go outside and have long smoke breaks. The visit ended with two Russian pros sizing me up in the hallway. this the sweet life in Turkey???

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