Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yashar Weekly Photo

After many insistent requests (demands!) from family and friends for Yashar updates I have decided to post a weekly photo of Yashar! Plus he is just such a cutie! He is is definitely my favourite subject to photograph and so coming up with a weekly photo is no problem at all - it's more a case of which one! He loves bath time, but this is a more serious moment I many possible captions! It would be so super cool if you left some possible captions in the comments section - next week I will pick a favourite and add it to this post.

And the winner is...'hmmm...shall I leave the jacuzzi and hit the big pool?' !!!!
Loved the comments!!! Thank you! It was very hard to decide on the winner (ended up having to have a vote here).


Senol said...

Daddy...I think it's time you had a shave.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...shall I leave the jacuzzi and hit the big pool

Anonymous said...

Peel a grape for me..hmmm no perhaps I'll have some mashed banana

Kirsty said...

mmmmmm...part to the left or right? I can't decide