Monday, March 9, 2009

I really enjoyed making this! It's a terrarium - I found the instructions over at SmoothPebble (via Maya*Made).

I bought a jar at the pazar (local market) with what would have to be the most ugly lid known to man, so I quickly covered it up with some linen. Then I used a little Eiffel Tower my sister brought me back from Paris and I cut some clouds out of an old milk container. I thought this would last better than paper because there is so much moisture in the terrarium.

Of course Yashar had lots of fun doing a bit of digging for this project. And then carefully putting the dirt into the jar for about 30 seconds before deciding to tip the rest of the dirt over his head!

I snapped a photo of him just before the 'incident'. I think this is his concentrating face!

I put it all together very late one night - which was lucky because if I wasn't so tired I could have spent hours on it. I am slowly coming to the realisation that I adore all things miniature - especially those totally overpriced miniature designer chairs you can buy in art gallery shops. I had thoughts of little flying birds and city skylines made out of time?


Kristin Burke Sevinc said...

That is really cool! Such a fun shaped jar as well.. You always have such great ideas! :o)

Twasthebrilligandtheslithytoves said...

This is super cute! :)

Thandelike said...

great stuff verity! making a terrarium is on my to-do list for years now...i will check out the link you posted!

belleandboo said...

gosh I love it, especially the clouds, I used to love making little gardens in old pots when I was little, I'd make tin foil ponds and tiny pebble paths, thanks for the memories.

Jackie said...

I love where you've taken this idea, and the clouds and linen cover are just delicious details to go with your mini Eiffel tower. Too bad you didn't snap a photo of the incident - too cute!
Thanks for letting me know that you made this!

Emily said...

It's great!