Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A little fishy...

The area we live in is packed with fish restaurants and has some little stalls by the side of the water where you can get some really fresh fish!

Fish are pretty popular as is fishing - the banks of the Bosphorus are usually packed with people from early in the morning until late at night -rain, hail or shine. These people are committed to their hobby!

We took Yashar to one of the little stalls on the weekend to get some fish for his dinner. He had a good look at the live fish in the tank and got pretty excited about it.

While we waited we watched the fishmonger scale and fillet our fish. I love their light fitting!

This guy pulled up on his motorbike while we were there - and ordered drive through style.

And we looked at all the birds flying around the boats behind the stall.

Not a bad way to wait for your fish!


Simple Answer said...

Yum! Lucky you!

Tanya said...

I just read that boys intelligence increases the more they eat fish. Boys who ate fish once a week had a 10% better result on intelligence tests than boys who didnt eat it at all and if they ate it more than once their tests scores increased to 12-15% better. It makes sense because the oil in fish helps the body make the lubricant that coats the ends of nerve endings in the brain (which join up in neural pathways when we learn something) which increases their ability to more fire efficiently. Kids with ADHD are often encouraged to take fish oil or eat fish regularly. So.....yum fish!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of Yashar and especially the one with Yashar and Senol. We all need to eat more yummy fish!