Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The search continues...

Not so long ago I told you about the ridiculous amount of hats I have been knitting for Yashar and my search for the ultimate knitted hat.

Along the way I made a hat using this pattern from SouleMama. This hat is really cute and quick to knit but I just couldn't seem to get it to fit right. :( I first made one that was too small and then made this blue one but it always seems to slip off. It kind of looked a little girlish too I think - and we can't have that! If I made it again I would use a thinner wool and it would probably be suited better to someone that didn't want to pull their hat off all the time!

Then I really thought I had found the one. I used the Thorpe/Topper pattern and it was so promising - a hat and scarf in one with lots of ear cover but... I am going to make it again with some modifications. Next time I will make the split for the scarf at the back of the neck a little lower, will make the ear flap parts come in closer around the face, will make the ribbed band around the top of the face a little longer and I think I will make the scarf parts longer. This one is a kind of weird length that means we usually end up tying it in a knot at the back. I will also try to find a nicer yarn next time -definitely something a bit thicker.

Then my mother in law made this and blew all of my hats out of the water! You might have seen this one in a few other photos I have posted here- I especially love the photo of Yashar wearing it in this post. I think this hat is so cute, the cream really suits Yashar and she also made a matching scarf with pompoms on each end.

But I am still continuing the search! Maybe by next winter I will find the ultimate hat??



Tanya said...

The hat scarf combo is pretty cool as is the last one. I am a big fan of ear flaps on littlies it just looks so cute and cosy!

Joyce said...

Such a cute boy. I've never heard anyone with the name, Yashar, before...I looked it up - means forever or eternity. How lovely, you knitter you. I can't do that to save my life, wish I could. Someday I should try it out.

Anonymous said...

Love Sevim's hat! Yashar looks so cute. It is exactly the kind of hat I would love to find for Ruby - as you know we didn't have time to teach/remind me how to knit when you were here. Maybe I could commission Sevim to make Ruby one? Let me know. Ruby will be needing one this winter - she currently has pneumonia but is on the mend, poor darling. Love to all xxxx