Friday, April 24, 2009

Moving to a new address ... my new blog!

Can you believe I have been posting for over a year here at a pink canary's nest?!

It has been wonderful. I have made some fantastic friends, been inspired by some amazing people and I have been able to show my family and friends (and anyone else that is interested!) what our life is like here, what Yashar has been getting up to and how he is growing. Thank you all so much for reading, looking, commenting and for all your support. It really has made such a difference to my life here.

I am hoping this will all continue over at my new blog:
I would love to see you all over there.

p.s this change is all part of the exciting leap I am about to take of opening an online shop. Aaahhhh! Exciting but also a little scary! More on that very soon!!!


Tanya said...

Hello!! Congrats of a year of blogging I for one love reading your posts. Thanks too for tagging me Ive just posted by reply.

Anonymous said...

Hi Verity, well done on making the move!

Paul said...

My family and I are moving to Istanbul later this year having never visited Turkey and I stumbled across your blog whilst hunting down, let's say, more practical (boring) info - shame on you, I was 'stuck' on your blog for ages! What a lovelyfamily you have and I love your creativity approach.