Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tulip time at Emirgan Park

It is tulip festival time here in Istanbul. Although tulips are mostly associated with the Netherlands, they are actually indigenous to Turkey and central Asia. And so tulip season here is celebrated, especially at Emirgan Park.

It is so gorgeous there! If you ever have the chance to visit Istanbul at this time of year don't miss it. We always take our guests there and when we took my mother in law there she cried!

The park and the three restaurants within it (I have posted about one of them -Sarı Köşk- and some of its history before) are all run by the council and they have spent a lot of money recently improving the park, building new playgrounds and preparing for the tulip festival.

The amount of tulips alone is amazing. What a gorgeous way to spend a morning!


David said...

These pictures are wonderful. I'm looking forward to your contribution to "The World According to Mom" - might I see some pictures there? You'd be the first contributor from Turkey!

belleandboo said...

lets see if this works?

belleandboo said...

wwhhooooooo hooooooooo it works !

belleandboo said...

beautiful tulips by the way

renai said...

Gosh, Emirgan is stunning. I love love the colours and how they appear on the side of a busy road. It brightens up everything.