Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yashar Weekly Photo: Party Time!

Yashar had such a wonderful time at a little friend's birthday party on the weekend, which included an Easter egg hunt! I couldn't believe how quickly those little kiddies were at picking up all those eggs!

I just realised that I tend to pick the calm, peaceful photos of Yashar as my favourites (I wonder why!)...I mean I could have picked one like this where he looks like he's about to go have a slug of some red cordial, shove some cake all over his face and go rip some dolls heads off... ;)
ps. since there is no Easter holiday here I have claimed one for myself! So I will be posting 'Making Mondays' on Wednesday this week - yep, I'm really shaking it up around here ;)

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renai said...

He just has the cutest cheeks around! It was great catching up over the weekend and yes, you should take a holiday in lieu of yesterdays! I was wondering why when I called offices in London that no one was answering!! I totally forgot it was a holiday!