Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What it means to be a good mother...

First of all, thank you so much for your emails and comments about what it means to be a good mama. They really meant so much and for me, they articulated many of the thoughts swimming around in my head. I loved how it was put in this comment:

"I think that deep down, a good mother is one who makes her children feel loved completely and their biggest fan."

Also the importance of patience, encouragement and living in the moment were mentioned. I plan to remind myself daily of all these things. For most of us, I think, parenthood is an amazing learning experience, a time when life is shaken up and changed forever. Patience, support and finding joy and peace in small things every day is so important.Looking back, some of things I really appreciated (and still do appreciate) about my mother is that she was always there for my sisters and I, to encourage us, support us and love us, no matter what. I liked that she had a life outside of parenting and a strong independence (a good example for us I think), but no matter how busy she was, or what else she had happening in her life, we knew we could count on her and that we were her first priority. She gave us so much love and such a strong foundation for us to go ahead and live happy lives. So thank you Mum and well done to all the wonderful mothers out there.


Carolyne said...

I've been thinking about being a mama too, lately. I'm so grateful to my own mother who gave me so many lovely memories, which I now get to share with my baby now. It's so wondeful.

David said...

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David Wescott

Anonymous said...

Thank you Verity now I am all teary and my heart swells up. My lovely daughters are the centre of my life and my love for you all fills my whole being and I know that I am loved in return. Motherhood has been so rewarding for me and I often wish that I could turn back the clock and experience it all again. Now you are all independent and are bringing more joy to my life seeing you all as beautiful young women with great values, following your dreams and achieving your goals. I love my son-in-laws and I have the most darling grand children anyone could wish for - Riley, Yashar and Ruby and the ‘wee bird’ that will be arriving in July. Being a Mother just gets better every day.