Monday, August 4, 2008

Good looking AND useful!

As I was dashing out the door and down all our steps this morning, baby in one arm, stroller in the other in a caffeine deprived haze (and you already know there are a lot of steps - enough for me to think about stuff as I stumble down them anyway) I was thinking I love how I can just dash out now, no need to carry a ginormous overflowing bag of nappies, spare clothes, blankets, toys, dummy etc. That made me think about one thing I bought in preparation for the arrival of our 'bundle of joy' that I have used a lot and still love. And then I thought...ooh I should blog about that. Such are the complex thoughts of a sleep deprived mother who spends her days talking to her baby "Ba-ba, Ma-ma, sleeeepy-time!" and to the walls "hello? Is anybody there?"

...Anyway it is this ChangeMate made by LimaBean. I use it everyday. It folds out to become a little change mat with pockets for a couple of nappies and some wipes and a zipped pocket on the front too. I just put it in my own bag and am ready to go get my coffee. How cool is that? Plus it looks so pretty and grown up (ie not with Mickey Mouse on it or something because I am so not in to that.)

I emailed Emma at Limabean and she said they are just about to release their next range – 6 great new designs and they have now made the front panel a little bigger so it is even easier to fold it up. I am looking forward to checking out the new designs soon!

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