Thursday, August 14, 2008

Paper crane mobile

Here is something I have been meaning to show you for a while, but these little creatures are a little hard to catch on camera! This is a paper crane mobile my Mum made for Yashar. It is gorgeous - so delicate and beautiful. And it catches the breeze so well. Yashar loves the shadows it makes too.

This is a quick description of how she made it. Hopefully the photos will help if you want to make it - otherwise feel free to email me for more details. She folded the paper cranes (you can find instructions with lots of photos here) and suspended them from the top using fishing line. The trick with hanging each crane is to put a hole through the middle of the crane with a needle, then poke the fishing line through the hole, thread a small bead on the bottom and tie under the bead.

The top is made from two wooden coat hangers with the wire hook removed and held together using a large screw. She made grooves on the top of the hangers using a knife which are used to tie the fishing line on and make sure it stays in place.

It was such a gorgeous present, handmade gifts are the type I love the most!

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I will be making one of those for my sister's baby!