Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vintage heaven

I have found the best place for everything retro, vintage and antique in Istanbul! Finally! You might remember that when we first moved into our new apartment I was on the look out for some second hand/vintage furniture. Well, at the time I didn't have much luck, but I have now found the spot! It's not just one shop - there are streets and streets of shops!

If you ever come to Istanbul this is a great area to visit (if you're into this sort of stuff that is). It is a little off the tourist radar, but only a short taxi ride from all the standard tourist sites. Just ask one of the locals to direct you to Çukurcuma. Recently gentrified, it is full of steep and narrow winding streets and gorgeous old buildings, some renovated and well maintained, some just asking me to move in and care for them!

I am planning to visit again as soon as the weather cools off a little (too hot for dragging myself and Yashar around too much at the moment). On that visit I will get the details of the stand out stores (I didn't think to this time - I was too excited at finding all these places to get any details). I did manage to pick up these two cute posters though - I particularly love the Orient Express one.

I think this area is my new favourite area in Istanbul.


Anonymous said...

Your new 'found' area sounds aqnd looks great in your photo and I am looking forward to going there on my next trip to Turkey. The buildings look superb - Turkey has such magnificient architecture just waiting to be found. I love your posters!

Bevin said...

Love the photos. Looks like you've found an amazing new part of Istanbul brimming with photo opportunities, as well the good vintage stuff. Enjoy.

Tanya said...

awesome photo love the combie! Im still looking for vintage in camodia dont know if it really exists yet.